CHINADAILY:Composition honors stars of China’space industr

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  CHINADAILY:Composition honors stars of China’s space industry-新闻网 CHINADAILY:Composition honors stars of China’s space industry 点击数:加入时间:2018-12-14 CHINADAILY2018年12月13日报道: Composition honors stars of China’s space industry Starry Sky, a symphonic suite that eulogizes Beihang University’s contribution to China’s aerospace industry over the past six decades was staged at the university’s Chenxing Concert Hall on Dec 9. Under the direction of senior conductor, Yu Hai, the suite comprises 12 songs, with asides concerning the history of the university, such as stories about how it was founded by aeronautical faculty and students from eight universities across the country in 1952 and how together, they designed and built China’s first unmanned aircraft system through dauntless and persistent effort in 1958. Hu Xuyang, a student from the school of aeronautic science and engineering served as the lead vocalist in the suite, saying that it was an honor to be in the performance and uphold the spirit of the university. Beihang, which was previously known as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, has made a series of such artistic works as musicals and stage plays in recent years to carry forward the sheer tenacity and patriotism of these pioneers who dedicated themselves to the rise of the country’s space industry. For instance, an original musical that tells the story of Luo Yang, general director of the J-15 fighter jet research team who, in 2012, died of cardiac arrest while working, was produced by Beihang last year. Luo, a graduate of the university, showed selfless devotion to his duty and is qualified to be regarded as “a hero of China’s space industry”. 编辑:贾爱平

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